What is the Minimum Amount of Auto Insurance Required in Georgia?

In Georgia, drivers are not permitted to operate a vehicle unless it has liability insurance coverage in the amount of $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident, and $10,000 of property damage coverage. These amounts are called “minimum limits” and they are intended to provide a small, basic level of protection for a person who suffers a personal injury in a car accident.

Liability coverage is the type of auto insurance that pays any claim for damages asserted against the at-fault driver. In other words, if a person is injured due to your negligence, then he or she has the right to recover medical expenses, lost wages, vehicle repair costs, and pain and suffering from you. If you injure multiple persons in a car accident, then each of those persons has a right to recover these damages. If you have “minimum limits”, then the most your auto insurance will pay any one person is $25,000, and the most it will pay for all persons injured in the same car accident is $50,000.00. If the persons who are injured have damages greater than your insurance coverage, they have the right to collect the amount of their damages in excess of your insurance coverage from your personal assets.

Insurance issues are some of the most difficult to deal with after a car accident in Atlanta, or anywhere in Georgia. The experienced injury attorneys at Katz Wright Fleming Dodson & Mildenhall LLC can help protect your right to compensation from many different sources of insurance. Call our office today at (404) 460-0101 for your free consultation.

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