Using Turn Signals & Making Turns Safely

In order to turn safely and avoid accidents, Georgia motorists must know and understand laws related to turning maneuvers. You must give a turn signal whenever you turn right or left, and it must be continuous for an adequate distance to alert other drivers you are turning. Do not make turns suddenly or erratically—it is dangerous to you and other drivers.

Making a Right Turn

Here are the steps to make a safe right turn:

  1. Activate your right turn signal to give drivers ahead of you and behind you adequate notice of your turn.
  2. Approach the intersection in the right lane, and stay as close as you can to the curb or roadway edge.
  3. If there is a bicycle lane, you must yield to bicyclists traveling through the intersection before making your turn.
  4. Turn so that you end up in the right lane of the street you are turning onto, and avoid entering any other traffic lane. If there are multiple turning lanes, complete your turn so you end up in the corresponding lane on the street you have turned on.
Making a Left Turn

Here are the steps to make a safe left turn:

  1. Activate your left turn signal to give other drivers notice of your intent to turn left.
  2. Move to the far left lane in the direction you are traveling, or into the turning lane if one is provided.
  3. Keep your wheels straight until you begin making your turn.
  4. Yield the right-of-way to all vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.
  5. When all traffic is clear and traffic signals and/or signs permit, make your turn so you end up in the lane closest to the center of the street you turned onto, or in the corresponding lane if there are multiple turn lanes.
  6. You cannot change lanes once you have entered an intersection to make a left turn.
  7. If there are pedestrians in the crosswalk of the road you are turning onto, you must stop and remain stopped until they have cleared the lanes of traffic you are traveling on.
Call KWFDM after a Turning Accident

When drivers fail to take proper precautions before turning, or execute turns too quickly or haphazardly, accidents are likely to happen. If you’ve been injured in a turning accident, contact the personal injury lawyers at Katz Wright Fleming Dodson & Mildenhall LLC in Atlanta. During your free initial consultation, we will discuss your options for pursuing compensation, whether your accident happened in Atlanta or in another part of the state of Georgia. Call us today at (404) 460-0101.

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