Shoulder of Road Accidents

Relatively minor mishaps like running out of gas or getting a flat tire can put you at the side of the road, stranded and trying to figure out your next move. You may get on your phone to call for help, get under the hood, or haul the jack and spare tire out of your trunk. But you're probably not thinking about getting hit while you're dealing with an already stressful situation. Unfortunately, however, shoulder of the road accidents are all too common on busy highways and interstates.

The Side of the Highway is a Dangerous Place

Each year, a significant number of motorists are injured or killed in accidents that occur on the shoulder of the road. About 19% of all vehicle crashes occur either on the side of the road or near the median, and about 12% of all highway fatalities involve shoulder of the road crashes. Three common scenarios for shoulder of the road accidents include:

  • A negligent driver fails to see a vehicle stopped on the side of the road, and hits the stranded motorist's car or truck.
  • A negligent driver strikes a person walking on the side of the road.
  • Poor road construction or maintenance causes a driver to lose control and collide with a guardrail or concrete median.
  • An aggressive driver changes lanes with limited view and collides with a stopped vehicle.
How to Avoid Shoulder of the Road Accidents

If you need to stop your vehicle and pull over immediately, you should make sure that your entire vehicle is completely off the road. Leaving even a portion of your car or truck in the roadway greatly increases the chance that another motorist will collide with your vehicle. Also, make sure to turn on your emergency hazard lights to warn other drivers that you are stopped. Also, if you have a sign or flares, put them out in clear view of oncoming traffic, and raise your hood so drivers recognize you are stopped.

If you need to get out of your vehicle, try to exit on the side farthest from traffic. When that's not possible, do not exit your vehicle when oncoming traffic is present. Wait until traffic is clear, and then get out of your vehicle and move to a safe location.

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