Passing Laws in Georgia

Many car accidents in Georgia occur when one vehicle is attempting to pass another. Passing laws exist to help drivers know when it is safe to pass, and to eliminate, or at least minimize, situations when unsafe passing is likely to take place. By learning and understanding state passing laws, you can help protect yourself and others from passing-related collisions.

Passing on a Two-Lane Road in Georgia

One of the most common—and dangerous—passing situations, especially in rural areas, is passing on a two-lane road. If you are driving on a two-lane road and you want to pass a vehicle that is traveling in front of you, take the following steps:

  1. Wait for a passing zone indicated by a dashed line. Look ahead to determine the length of the passing zone, and see if there is any traffic approaching from the other direction. You must have time and space to execute your pass and return your vehicle to your lane before the passing zone ends, and before oncoming traffic is within 200 feet of your vehicle.
  2. Check your rearview and side mirrors, as well as your blind spot, before you begin passing. Make sure no one is passing you.
  3. Turn on your left turn signal when you begin passing.
  4. Do not return to your lane until your vehicle is safely clear of the vehicle you are passing. Wait until you can see the vehicle in your rearview mirror.
  5. Turn on your right turn signal before returning to your lane (and be sure to turn the signal off once you are back in your lane).
Allowing a Driver to Safely Pass You

When another driver is passing you, watch for any unsafe maneuvers by the other driver. Make it easier for the other vehicle to pass you by reducing your speed slightly. Do not increase your speed before you have been passed completely—it’s against traffic laws.

Weaving In & Out of Traffic

Weaving from one lane to another in order to move faster than the flow of traffic is illegal and dangerous. On a multi-lane highway, you may only change lanes to pass slower vehicles when it is safe, and you must signal clearly to warn vehicles that you intend to change lanes. Also, you should never pass on the right as your vision into that lane is hindered by the automobile in front of you.

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