Negligent Road Work

Undeniably, road construction in the metro Atlanta area is a necessary constant, as our heavy traffic usage requires ongoing road work and maintenance to keep our streets, freeways, and interstates safe and drivable. While we have become accustomed to seeing—and heeding—warning signs, flaggers, orange cones, and barrels, drivers need to be aware that—despite the prevalence of these hazard indicators—accidents in road construction zones pose a threat to both motorists and road construction crews. And in the case of negligent road work, accidents and injuries are even more likely to occur.

Negligent Practices by Road Construction Workers & Companies

Sometimes road construction-related car accidents are caused by drivers’ negligent acts, such as speeding, texting, improper passing, and not following the directions of signs or flaggers directing traffic. In other cases, construction workers and road construction companies are negligent, thus causing car crashes and injuries. Some examples of road work crew negligence include:

  • Not posting adequate signs to warn drivers they are approaching a road work zone
  • Not posting adequate signs that there are lane closures or other potential obstacles ahead, and that traffic may be congested
  • Not properly directing traffic when necessary on one-lane roads
  • Dangerously pulling vehicles out from construction areas into oncoming traffic
  • Construction workers walking out into traffic or standing in the roadway
  • Construction workers leaving tools, supplies, or machinery in the path of traffic or too close to the side of the road
  • Equipment operators dropping objects onto the roadway from cranes, bulldozers, or other large machines
  • Road construction companies and/or contractors failing to adequately repair a road, or failing to properly construct a road so that it is safe for drivers to use

If a driver suddenly encounters an obstacle in the roadway, serious collisions can occur. Additionally, due to lane closures, accidents in construction zones can involve multiple vehicles in chain reaction and pile-up crashes. These types of car accidents can result in numerous injuries to many different individuals.

Road Crew Responsibilities

To avoid such accidents, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) requires all road construction crews to clearly designate the beginning and end of any active road work zones. Additionally, work vehicles and heavy equipment typically have flashing or revolving amber lights to put drivers on alert, which should be kept in good working order. Construction companies also have the legal duty to properly train road crews in safety measures, and these crews have the duty to keep the road zone in safe condition for passing motorists.

Contact the Road Work Lawyers at KWFDM if Negligence Caused Your Accident

Because road work crews have a clear duty to make construction zones as safe as possible for drivers, you may be entitled to compensation if road work negligence caused or contributed to your car accident and a resulting injury. Please contact the legal team at Katz Wright Fleming Dodson & Mildenhall LLC at 404-460-0101 or 888-426-2100 in Atlanta to schedule a free initial consultation, so we can discuss your options for recovery.

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