Dangerous Road Accident

When accidents frequently occur at the same location on a street or highway, it’s likely that the roadway is in some way dangerous for motorists. Poor road design and maintenance can create hazards for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, and should be considered when determining the cause of a crash or collision. Examining the safety of the roadway will also help determine who should be held accountable for the property damage and injuries.

Examples of Poor Road Design & Maintenance

There are many things that may cause a roadway to be dangerous. For example, a highway may be old and outdated for modern vehicles, in which case it needs to be upgraded. Similarly, a new street may have design and/or construction flaws due to lack of proper planning or budget constraints. Other examples of poor road design include:

  • Insufficient or excessive banking at curves
  • Improperly placed on and off-ramps
  • On and off-ramps that are too short
  • Low bridges with unposted or incorrect height warnings
  • Lack of an adequate shoulder on the side of a road
  • Improperly placed median barriers, guard rails, speed bumps, and curbs
  • Significant pavement edge drop-offs
  • Poor road markings, including lines and reflectors
  • Lack of traffic control devices, such as lights, signals, and signs
  • Failure to account for frequent weather conditions, such as fog or flooding
  • Failure to account for diminished visibility caused by hills, buildings, and foliage
  • Lack of proper drainage to prevent water accumulation

State and federal laws provide regulations and guidelines for designing and constructing public roads that municipalities and their engineers must follow when building and maintaining roadways. After a motor vehicle accident, a look into these regulations can shed light on the adequacy or inadequacy of a road’s design and the placement of traffic control devices.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents Caused by Poor Road Design

Poorly designed streets and roadways built with little accommodation for pedestrians, bicyclists, and those in wheelchairs cause or contribute to hundreds of injuries and deaths each year, and the problem isn’t improving. According to the Transportation for America and the Surface Transportation Policy Project, state highways have grown wider and wider over time. But as more lanes are added to accommodate the growing volume of cars and trucks, sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes are being squeezed out to remove impediments to motor vehicle traffic.

When a pedestrian or bicyclist is struck by a car or truck, the resulting injuries are often serious and even fatal. It’s the responsibility of engineers and city planners to construct streets and roads that can safely accommodate those on foot.

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