Utilizing the Atlanta Police Department after a Car Accident

If you’re involved in a car accident in Atlanta, you should call the Atlanta Police Department (APD) to come to the scene and create an accident report. Most insurance companies require an accident report to file a claim for compensation and damages, and if you choose to file a personal injury claim, your accident report will be an important part of your case. Here’s more information about interacting with the police department and obtaining an accident report.

Contacting the Police after an Accident

After being involved in a car accident, dial 9-1-1 and wait for the police to arrive at the scene. Once an officer arrives, provide all accident details and be specific. If you have to wait for the police to arrive, clear the road if you safely are able to do. Georgia law requires that all vehicles be safely moved out of the roadway to avoid blocking traffic.

Obtaining a Car Accident Report

The City of Atlanta has partnered with www.BuyCrash.com to allow drivers to obtain police reports. In order to access the online report, you must enter your name, date of crash, road of occurrence, and your vehicle identification number (VIN). You will be charged a fee to access the report.

You can also contact the Atlanta Police Department Central Records Unit at (404) 546-7461. After an accident, the reporting process may take up to five business days before your accident report becomes available.

If you have questions about your accident report, the officer who wrote the report is your primary contact. You can call APD Public Affairs at (404) 546-6873 for help locating the reporting officer. Make sure you write down the reporting officer’s name at the scene of the accident (or immediately after), so you can provide this information easily when necessary.

Reporting an Accident if Police Aren’t Called to the Scene

In some cases, people decide not to call the police after being involved in a car accident—maybe they didn’t realize they were injured until after they left the scene. You can still file a report of accident with the Georgia Department of Transportation for personal use. It’s important to do this to have some record of the accident.

Contact KWFDM after a Car Accident in Atlanta

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