Types of Premises Cases

Types of Premises Liability (Dangerous Property) Claims

Premises liability is a legal term used to describe cases that involve injuries on property. These injuries can be severe or minor, and may occur on personal or business property. The key element in premises liability cases is determining whether a property owner or manager is legally responsible for damages suffered by an injury victim. Dangerous property injury cases can be some of the most challenging for accident attorneys, but they are also the ones that often times require justice the most.

Property Injury Claims

Many premises liability claims are the result of dangerous conditions that exist on the property itself. There are generally two types of dangerous conditions. A static or permanent danger is one that exists over a long period of time. It often involves a design or construction defect. Examples include steps that are too steep, wide, narrow or coated with a slippery material. A tripping hazard that is built in to the area could also constitute a static defect.

Conversely, temporary dangerous conditions are ones that don’t involve the design or construction of an area, but are created by the one-time negligence or carelessness of another person. Liquid spills on a grocery store floor or ice on the sidewalk outside a business are common examples. These types of claims are often times referred to as slip and fall cases, but there are others. Many premises liability claims are the result of falling objects or workers who fail to properly cordon off an area.

Whether an injury was caused by a static or temporary danger will depend on research that is often best done by an experienced Atlanta premises liability lawyer. It can be very challenging for an individual unfamiliar with the law to come to accurate conclusions about construction designs and defects, or the time during which a temporary danger existed.

Third Party Attack or Assault Claims

Unlike static or temporary dangers that exist on the property itself, some premises liability claims are created by the bad actions of another person or animal. These cases often involve an assault or rape by another person, but they can also result from an attack by a dangerous animal. Property owners and managers can be held liability if they did not take reasonable steps to eliminate or reduce the risk that another person would be injured on their property. (Of course, the person who committed the attack may also face criminal or civil punishment, or a vicious animal may be put down, but these cases are often brought against the person in control of the property and their insurance company.)

Cases against owners or managers in this area are often referred to as negligent or inadequate security claims. Examples include the failure to install and maintain security cameras which deter crime, or not having proper fencing to keep criminals out of apartments, parking structures, or other parts of high crime areas.

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