Out-of-State Car Accidents

Most Georgia drivers travel outside the state at least a few times a year, whether heading to Florida beaches on vacation or driving to another state for work. In other states, the rules of the road may be different. Everything from speed limits to road signs to passing laws may vary from what they are in Georgia, and on highly-trafficked thoroughfares, other travelers may be dividing their attention among maps, passengers, and the road.

All of these factors, especially when combined, can increase the likelihood of car accidents. So what should you do if you are injured in a car accident in another state with different laws? Here is some advice for Georgia drivers.

State Laws Apply in Car Accident Cases

If you have a Georgia driver’s license, but you were injured in a car accident in another state, you may be wondering which state’s laws apply in your case. Most likely, the laws of the state where the car accident occurred will govern any claims arising from the accident, but that’s not a given. There are circumstances that may change which laws apply. Important questions to ask include:

  1. Where did the car accident occur?
  2. Who caused the car accident?
  3. Where was the case or claim filed?
  4. Was the case filed in state or federal court?

Every car accident case is different, and seemingly inconsequential conditions can significantly change the way your case is handled, including where any claims should be brought or litigated. Once you are home in Georgia, or even before you return home, it’s important to talk to a personal injury attorney who specializes in auto accidents to evaluate your legal options.

Licensed to Practice in Georgia, Tennessee & Mississippi

At Katz Wright Fleming Dodson & Mildenhall LLC, we have attorneys licensed to practice law in Tennessee and Mississippi as well as in Georgia. We can also be approved by the court to practice in a particular state for specific car accident cases. If you are not from Georgia, but you have been injured in a Georgia car accident, we can help you protect your rights and interests here, even after you return home.

Call Us after an Out-of-State Car Accident

If you have been injured in a car accident in another state or during your time in Georgia, the car accident attorneys at Katz Wright Fleming Dodson & Mildenhall LLC can help ensure you are treated fairly by insurance companies and the legal system. Please contact us today at (404) 460-0101 for the advice and guidance you need after a car accident.

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