Negligent Security in Airports

With terrorist activity targeting major commuter resources during the past 15 years, airport security measures have increased and adapted drastically. But even with new laws aimed at protecting travelers and the country as a whole, security breaches and oversights still occur, putting everyone at risk. If you were injured in an airport terminal, parking lot, or other area due to negligent security, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages.

Airport Security Breaches Causing Harm to the Public

Property owners owe a duty to the public to take reasonable steps to address known security risks. In and around airports, the level of risk is considered high and constant, which means security measures must be in place at all times and be diligently executed by those responsible for the public’s safety. However, breaches in security occur in hiring, maintenance, and adherence to safety procedures, such as:

  • Lacking or non-functioning security cameras
  • Lack of security guards
  • Improperly trained security guards
  • Failure to run background checks on security guards and other airport employees
  • Too few security guards on duty or on patrol
  • Faulty alarm systems or no alarms at all
  • Failure to monitor security systems and surveillance cameras
  • Improperly secured entrances and exits
  • Broken or missing locks on secured areas
  • Inadequate crowd-control measures
  • Failure to remove intoxicated or violent passengers
  • Failure to comply with regulations and standards for airport security
  • Failure to upgrade security measures
  • Failure to properly or quickly respond to a victim before, during, or after commission of the crime
  • Failure to check employee identification, allowing an unauthorized person to enter restricted areas of the airport

Due to the nature of violent crime in airports and the surrounding areas, injuries attributable to lacking or inadequate security are often devastating for victims and their families. These injuries frequently leave victims permanently disabled or emotionally traumatized and force them to incur massive economic costs. Medical bills, therapy, and lost wages frequently reach unsurmountable levels for victims of crime in airports. A successful negligent security lawsuit can help victims recover those and other expenses caused by a breach in airport security.

Contact Our Premises Liability Lawyers If You Were the Victim of Negligent Security in an Airport

Airports have a duty to provide adequate security and to protect the public while they are on the premises. If inadequate security led to you or a loved one becoming the victim of a crime, please contact the legal team at Katz Wright Fleming Dodson & Mildenhall LLC today at 404-460-0101 to schedule a free initial consultation. We can help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries and damages, and also ensure that the airport takes measures to protect others in the future.

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