Livestock Injuries

While cattle, pigs, horses, goats, sheep, and other livestock animals are considered to be domesticated, they may still cause serious injuries to people working with them, as well as members of the public who come in contact with them. Due to their size and weight, cows and horses are especially likely to cause serious injuries and even death to automobile drivers and passengers who collide with them. Read on for more information about livestock injuries that may warrant filing a personal injury claim for fair compensation.

Types of Livestock Injuries & Accidents

There are generally two types of injuries that occur when humans interact with large animals. First, there are motor vehicle collisions that are caused by large animals making their way onto the roadway. In many cases, these incidents arise from inappropriate or careless behaviors of people or a lack of control of the livestock. For example, if a farmer fails to maintain fencing or barriers, animals are likely to escape and end up in the way of a motor vehicle.

The second type of large animal injury often occurs when farmers and farm employees are handling livestock in the course of feeding, loading and transporting, grooming, administering medications and tagging.

Livestock injuries and accidents may involve:

  • Cows charging
  • Cows or horses stepping on an individual’s foot
  • Livestock animal bites
  • Being hit or kicked by a livestock animal
  • Being crushed or trampled by a livestock animal
  • Being gored by a livestock animal with horns
  • Livestock animals escaping from an enclosure
  • Diseases transmitted by livestock animals
  • Needle stick injuries incurred while attempting to inject a livestock animal

For example, studies have found that working long hours, employing (or utilizing) minors, alcohol consumption, and prescription drug use have all contributed to livestock-related accidents.

In order to prevent injuries to farm employees, children, and other members of the public who may come in contact with their livestock animals, farmers and farm owners must take appropriate precautions. These include the implementation and use of training for employees, protective equipment, procedures for securing animal-handling areas, first aid instruction, and warning signs for known hazards. If a farmer or farm owner fails to protect his or her employees or the public from large animals, the individual or business may be held liable.

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