Georgia Boat-on-Swimmer Accidents

On a crowded lake, boaters and jet ski operators must be especially careful to watch out for swimmers in the water. If a boat or jet ski strikes a swimmer, the resulting injuries to the swimmer are likely to be serious and potentially fatal. If you or a loved one was hurt in a boat-on-swimmer accident involving an inexperienced, incompetent, negligent, or intoxicated watercraft operator, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages, ranging from medical bills to pain and suffering to time away from work.

Types of Boat-on-Swimmer Accidents

During the summer months, Georgia lakes are often packed with boats, jet skis, water-skiers, and swimmers. The more people and watercraft in and on the water, the more likely accidents are to occur, particularly when boaters and swimmers let their guards down and fail to see how close they are to one another. Boat-on-swimmer accidents may involve:

  • A boat propeller striking a swimmer in the water
  • A boat driving into a swimmer in the water
  • A boat improperly entering a designated swimming area
  • A person on a boat falling overboard, and being struck by the boat he or she was on or another boat passing by
  • A swimmer becoming caught in fishing line, rope, or other fishing gear attached to a boat

Boat operators have a duty to keep a lookout for swimmers and other individuals on the water. However, because swimmers are significantly obscured by the water, spotting them can be difficult. Despite the challenge, boat operators must remain as vigilant as possible at all times, avoid shallow areas where people are known to swim, and be extra cautious in and around high-traffic areas.

Boat-on-swimmer accidents in which a swimmer is struck by a boat’s propeller cause some of the most gruesome water-related injuries, as a swimmer’s hands, feet, and limbs can be severed by propeller blades. Speedboats and motorboats must slow down in areas known to be crowded with swimmers for this reason. In some cases, signs are present to warn boaters of swimmers in the area, or signs may require boat operators to cut their motors to avoid swimmer injuries from rotors. If a boat operator failed to heed any posted warnings and caused an injury, he or she may be held accountable for negligence or recklessness.

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