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As a comprehensive Atlanta personal injury law firm, Katz Wright Fleming Dodson & Mildenhall, LLC represents accident victims and their loved ones who have suffered injury in a wide variety of settings at home, on the road, in public, and in the workplace. When a fatal workplace accident takes the life of the family's main breadwinner, the loss of income can be especially distressing at a time when the family is hardest hit by grief and personal loss. Our workplace accident lawyers look at all available sources of compensation to help a grieving family cover their immediate living expenses and make a plan for the future.

Georgia Workplace Accident Facts

Workplace accidents account for thousands of deaths nationally each year, and between 100 and 200 Georgians lose their lives in job-related accidents annually. The majority of on-the-job deaths come from roadway incidents, with most workers killed being those employed in the transportation sector driving heavy trucks or tractor-trailers. Construction workers are another group especially at risk for workplace deaths. After transportation accidents, most workplace deaths are attributed to falls, slips and trips, and contact with dangerous objects and equipment. These types of fatal accidents are much more common on construction sites and industrial sites than other occupational work spaces. Behind transportation accidents and slip and fall, workplace violence is the third leading cause of death on the job.

Employers have a duty to provide a safe workplace for their employees. This duty includes maintaining equipment and machinery in good condition, providing fall protection and other safety gear, and taking appropriate measures to prevent or reduce workplace violence. Georgia workers' compensation laws provide benefits to families when a worker is killed on the job. Additionally, third parties other than the employer may be responsible for the death. In these situations, civil litigation may help bring about a negotiated settlement with the responsible party, or a courtroom jury verdict may be necessary to achieve a fair amount of compensation for another's negligence or wrongdoing.

Worker's Compensation Death and Survivor Benefits

Georgia workers' compensation provides death and survivor benefits to a dependent spouse and minor children. Benefits include funeral and burial expenses up to $7,500, as well as payment of two-thirds the employee's average weekly wage, up to $575 per week. For a widowed spouse with no children, these payments can continue until the widowed spouse remarries or moves in with a new partner, up to a total of $230,000 in benefits. Benefits for a dependent child continue until the child turns 18. KWFDM employs experienced Georgia workers' compensation attorneys who can advise you and help you through the process of filing your claim, including hearings and appeals in the event your claim is challenged or denied. There is no upfront charge for our services, and we only collect a fee if we are successful in getting you benefits.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Cases of Third-Party Liability

Examples of third-party negligence include situations such as a death caused by a defective product that was dangerous when it left the manufacturer, a fall from scaffolding that was improperly constructed by an independent contractor, or a fatal car accident caused by a distracted driver. In these cases, it is very important to have the best wrongful death lawyer working on your behalf who can maximize the financial recovery to make up for lost wages, past medical expenses, and other financial burdens the survivors will face.

A worker's spouse or children can bring a wrongful death lawsuit in Georgia, or the litigation may be pursued by the estate of the deceased worker. The plaintiff must be able to prove that the defendant breached a duty owed to the plaintiff which resulted in death. Juries are allowed to award damages that equate to the full value of the life of the deceased, as well as compensation for medical and funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and punitive damages in appropriate cases. An attorney experienced in wrongful death cases can help establish the defendant's liability and argue for the full value of compensation to be given.

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There are different time limits and procedural rules you must follow to protect your rights, depending upon whether you are claiming workers' compensation benefits or filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Be sure to contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney with experience in both workers' compensation and wrongful death cases to protect your rights. In Georgia, call Katz Wright Fleming Dodson & Mildenhall, LLC at 404-460-0101 for a free case evaluation. We are based in Atlanta, but have excellent experience representing clients across the state.

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