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Founded in 1822, the city of Decatur, Georgia, has its county seat in DeKalb County. The friendly place posits as its motto, “A city of homes, schools, and places of worship.” With a population of just under 20,000, 224 full-time teachers and 2,519 students, the motto adequately describes the city. Once the site of Sherman’s campaign during the Civil War, Decatur now boasts a reputation for being a progressive and trendy mixed-use district. Despite its proximity to bustling Atlanta and the national attention the city has garnered for its economic development, it has managed to maintain its small, hometown feel. This is due in part to Decatur’s preservation of historically significant buildings.

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Decatur’s Unique Issues with Car Accidents, Traffic Congestion and Construction

Relatively small in relation to the neighboring city of Atlanta, Georgia, Decatur is host to its own unique set of traffic problems, especially in the downtown area. The completion of several long-term downtown developments allowed the city to flourish (and subsequently attracted tourism), while simultaneously making its streets ripe for car accidents, particularly if drivers’ fail to exercise proper caution. In fact, in efforts to discourage through traffic, the city encourages the use of MARTA, bicycling and walking as alternatives to driving, and has installed a number of pedestrian crosswalks on the city’s busiest streets.

Many residents take advantage of these recommendations. For those who do not, increased construction and ensuing road closures continue to cause problems on Decatur’s pedestrian-ridden streets. Combine the overcrowded streets with impatient drivers, and car crashes are all too common in DeKalb’s county seat.

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