Car Accidents Involving a Defective Vehicle

If you were involved in a car accident and either you or another driver was driving a defective vehicle, you may have a product liability claim in addition to a negligent driving claim against the other driver. Some examples of motor vehicle defects that have been the subject of lawsuits include SUVs that are prone to roll over, ignition switch failures, and explosive airbags. Below is more information about the parties that may be involved in a defective vehicle claim.

Types of Product Liability Claims Involving Motor Vehicles

Product liability claims involving defective vehicles generally fall under two categories: defectively manufactured vehicles (or vehicle parts) and vehicles with an unreasonably dangerous design. Defective manufacturing may be the result of a mistake at the manufacturing facility, or a problem that occurs during shipping or at the dealership. Defective design involves motor vehicles or parts that are unreasonably dangerous even when manufactured correctly.

Potentially Liable Parties in a Car Accident Product Liability Claim

In most motor vehicle product liability claims, you can include all participants in the “chain of distribution” of the vehicle or vehicle part involved in your case, including:

  • The automaker – In most cases, the vehicle manufacturer is a large company with money to compensate you for your injuries, but also a highly capable and well-funded legal team to handle injury claims. Our defective car attorneys are qualified to take-on automakers and manufacturers.
  • Parts manufacturer – If your injury was caused by a specific automotive part, such as an airbag, seatbelt, or tire, the parts manufacturer may also be liable for your injury.
  • Dealership or auto supply shop – The dealership or auto supply shop that sold the defective vehicle or part may also be liable for your injuries.
  • Shipper – Any company, including the shipper, that was part of the chain of distribution between the manufacturer and the retailer may also be liable for the cost of your injuries.
  • Used car dealer – Even if you bought your car used, the dealer who sold it to you could be liable for your damages.

Under Georgia law, the manufacturer of a defective vehicle or part may be held strictly liable for resulting injuries in some cases. This means that you do not have to prove the manufacturer was negligent to recover damages.

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