Car Accidents Caused by Defective Electrical Wiring

Modern vehicles are equipped with many features that require electrical wiring. In order for wiring to be effective, power must be delivered to electrical devices reliably and safely, so that electrical system functions aren’t impaired or converted to hazards. When design or manufacturing defects in the electrical wiring system create the potential for failures—causing accidents and injuries—the vehicle manufacturer may be liable for damages.

Types & Signs of Electrical Wiring Defects

The most common types of electrical defects reported during vehicle recalls are short circuits. Unfortunately, however, most drivers don’t know their vehicle’s wiring system is defective until something goes wrong or they receive a recall notice. Therefore, it’s important to watch out for signs of defective electrical wiring, including:

  • Flickering dashboard lights, interior lights, and/or exterior lights
  • Abrupt loss of power in any part of the vehicle
  • Intermittent failure of electrical components, such as power windows or onboard computer screens
  • Burning smells or smoke in any part of the vehicle

While some wiring issues may seem like an annoyance rather than a hazard, when a vehicle’s electrical system isn’t functioning properly there is real potential for danger. Don’t ignore or delay taking care of any electrical wiring problems your vehicle may have.

Hazards Associated with Defective Electrical Wiring

Hazards associated with defective electrical wiring may be harmful to the driver and passengers of a vehicle, such as electrical shorts near the gas tank, or decrease a vehicle’s safety on the road, as in the case of malfunctioning headlights. One of the most common dangers attributed to electrical wiring defects is the risk of fire. In fact, millions of vehicles have been recalled or repaired due to fire hazards related to defective wiring.

Other accidents and injuries arising from defective electrical systems have involved short circuits causing the battery terminal to blow, broken wiring causing malfunctioning door controls and power feature impairments, and bent wires near the engine block creating increased risk of electrical shock because of exposed wires.

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