Accidents Around Construction Sites

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With numerous hazards, ranging from heavy machinery to exposed wires to building material debris, construction sites are dangerous places to work, visit, or even walk by. To prevent accidents around construction sites, property owners, employers, and managers have a responsibility to keep construction sites safe—not only for workers but also for visitors and passersby. When those responsible for construction site safety fail to follow regulations and injuries occur as a result, the legal team at Katz Wright Fleming Dodson & Mildenhall, LLC is prepared to hold them accountable.

Risk to Pedestrians Near Construction Sites

Too often, people visiting construction sites are not given the proper safety equipment or instructions necessary to avoid accidents and injuries. For example, construction site visitors could be injured by falling objects, vehicles driving around the construction site, spillage, or energy sources like gas and electrical wiring. If hazardous terrain is not marked with warning signs, visitors are especially likely to fall into excavations, down stairwells, or off open floor edges.

For people walking by a construction site, objects being lifted by cranes pose a significant threat should any building materials fall outside the construction site boundaries. Rubble on the ground around the construction site is also dangerous, as it can cause passersby to trip and fall. Obstructions on the sidewalk could also cause pedestrians to step out into the street, resulting in a vehicle-pedestrian accident.

Preventing Accidents around Construction Sites

To prevent accidents around construction sites, site owners and operators are required to take precautions that protect members of the public, such as:

  • Ensuring falling objects cannot land outside construction site boundaries
  • Providing covered walkways for passersby alongside construction sites
  • Providing hard hats for construction site visitors
  • Ensuring pavement and other walkways are not obstructed
  • Clearly marking or fencing off excavations and manholes
  • Restricting access to hazardous substances, energy sources, tools, and equipment

Slip, trip, and fall accidents should also be prevented by keeping pedestrian areas and pathways clear of hazards like clutter, grease, oil, and water. If pathways cannot be kept dry because of weather conditions, wet areas should be marked to alert visitors of the risk of a slip and fall accident. If dust or noise present a risk of personal injuries to construction site visitors, dust masks and/or ear protection should be provided as well.

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