Negligent Auto Repair and Maintenance Car Accidents

Maybe you’ve heard horror stories about people taking their vehicles to a mechanic or service station only to drive away with an unsafe car—brakes failing, loss of control, leaking fluids or worse. When poor auto repair or maintenance leads to a motor vehicle collision, the mechanic, auto repair shop, or service station may be liable for damages. Below is more information about negligent auto repair and maintenance.

Standard of Care for Auto Repair Shops and Mechanics

When a car owner takes their vehicle to an automotive professional for repairs or scheduled maintenance, the mechanic, auto repair shop, or service station must perform work on that car with a reasonable standard of care. This includes:

  • Making repairs in a skillful, careful and professional manner
  • Demonstrating the ordinary skills and knowledge of other mechanics
  • Inspecting and test driving your vehicle to make sure it’s safe for use
  • Giving a written estimate and receiving authorization from you before doing any repair work
  • Not performing unnecessary repairs

A mechanic or automotive service business may be liable if you suffer damages as the result of negligent repairs or maintenance. For example, if you take your car in for an oil change and the service tech fails to reattach a hose or properly reassemble your engine’s component parts, and then you lose power and cause an accident, the service tech (and possibly his employer) is liable for your damages. Other types of defective mechanic work include:

  • Failing to fully repair broken or worn parts
  • Installing the wrong replacement part
  • Performing the wrong repair or maintenance procedure
  • Failing to notice major repairs that need to be done
  • Causing damage to other parts of the car while completing the agreed upon work
  • Modifying a vehicle in a way that makes it illegal to operate on a public road
  • Failing to remove debris, dirty fluids, or other foreign objects during the repair or maintenance work

For negligent auto repairs or maintenance, it does not matter if you already paid the bill and discover the problem later. If a mechanic’s error or oversight caused your damages and injuries, you have a claim. However, if the mechanic offers to correct the faulty repair at no cost, you do have a duty to mitigate (lessen) the damages, which means allowing the mechanic to (re)fix your car.

Negligent car repair accident cases can be very difficult to prove. It’s always best to consult with the best car accident lawyer in Georgia to protect your rights and ensure maximum compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, property damage and pain and suffering.

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