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During our more than 25 years as Georgia car accident attorneys, we have been asked many questions by our clients. Some of the most important ones involve insurance, and in particular, automobile insurance coverage. When someone is involved in an auto accident and suffers a serious personal injury, the amount they can recover is generally limited by the amount of the other driver's insurance and the insurance on their own vehicle. With this in mind, below are 4 of the most common car insurance questions we receive, along with general answers.

(Please note that this information is meant as a general guide. The best way to protect your rights before or after an accident is to call our office and speak directly with one of our attorneys about your specific situation.)

"Full Coverage" - What does it mean?
What is the Minimum Amount of Auto Insurance Required in Georgia?
What are the Different Types of Auto Insurance?
What Automobile Insurance is Right for You?

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Atlanta car accident, or anywhere in Georgia, contact our law firm today at (404) 460-0101. We can help make sure your rights are protected, and you receive all the insurance proceeds that you deserve.

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